We are five young people in our first year of the apprenticeship „Commerce Assistant for foreign languages” at the Schulzentrum Utbremen in Bremen, Germany. In 2011 the city of Bremen was congratulated the main city of Fairtrade and that is why there is now a student’s competition to support fair trading and sustainability.

We wanted to reach as many people as posible at a stroke and motivate them to support fair trade. Until today many people may not even have considered what it means – Fairtrade.

We want to clarify, make clear and call for support. Buy fair traded products to make the lives of coffee farmers and owner of cocoa plantations sustainable fairer and happier and to show the industry that fair trade is definitely worth it. Because…

fair allowance for the producers and their families > fair commercialization > fair business volume > total satisfaction of clients

trade fair to have fair luxury